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Figure 1 View of proposed Foxwood Dam site.


The Feasibility Study for Foxwood Dam is being undertaken by the DWS Directorate: Options Analysis. Arup (Pty) Ltd has been appointed as the Professional Services Provider (PSP).


The feasibility of a major dam on the Koonap River at the Foxwood site for the purpose of supplying water for domestic use and for irrigation has been investigated since the early 1960’s. Records of various investigations by the Koonap River Irrigation Board (KRIB), officials of the then Department of Agriculture and the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) and by consulting engineers Ninham Shand, provide valuable information regarding the development proposals. The report prepared by Ninham Shand in 1998 for DWS is the most recent technical report on the merits of the proposed Foxwood Dam. These reports either incorporated a bulk waters supply to Adelaide with a municipal irrigation scheme or solely as a potable water supply for the town. The motivation for the construction of a dam, initially, appears to have been for the town.

The earlier investigations refer to various other dam sites higher up in the Koonap River and include a Report on the Foundation Conditions of the Foxwood Site prepared by the then Geological Survey of the Department of Mines. This Report provides information useful for planning various activities in this study.

A list of these reports is provided in the Documents & Reports page where they can be downloaded.