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The purpose of the Chief Directorate Integrated Water Resource Planning (IWRP) is to ensure availability of adequate water which is fit for use through holistic planning for the management and development of water resources and systems.

The IWRP function is under the Department of Water Affairs Sub-programme of Integrated Planning which develops comprehensive plans that guide all initiatives and infrastructure development within the water sector; taking into account the water needs of all users and identifying the appropriate mix of interventions, that will ensure a reliable supply of water in the most efficient, sustainable and socially beneficial manner.

Sub-programme of Integrated Planning falls under PROGRAMME 2: WATER SECTOR MANAGEMENT which has the following purpose: To ensure that the country’s water resources are protected, used, developed, conserved, managed and controlled in a sustainable manner for the benefit of all people and the environment through effective policies, integrated planning, strategies, knowledge base and procedures.

Description of IWRP functions under Sub-programme: Integrated Planning

  • National Water Resource Planning develops national strategies and procedures for the reconciliation of water availability and requirements to meet national social and economic development objectives including strategic requirements, resource quality objectives and international obligations.
  • Options Analysis identifies and evaluates water resource management options/projects to meet future water requirements and for multi-disciplinary project planning to implement these options, including the development of applicable procedures and guidelines.
  • Water Resource Planning Systems evaluates strategic water resource management challenges, provides expert planning related support and develops planning and management decision support systems (DSS) with regard to operating rules, water quality, integrated hydrology (including geohydrology) and socio-economic aspects of water resources
  • Climate Change contributes to water related policies and develops appropriate adaptation strategies for the water sector in response to climate change.