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Stakeholder Engagement

Project Governance

The main objective of this project is to augment water supply to the Mgeni system, an area managed by Umgeni Water with users mainly from eThekwini Municipality’s area of jurisdiction. Participation from the three spheres of government and key water users within the project area is thus essential. Various committees (as shown in the stakeholder organogram on the right) manage liaison between the DWS, key stakeholders, interested and affected parties and project team members.

Project Steering Committee (PSC)

The PSC assists the DWS with strategic matters and coordinates the contributions of other authorities.

It oversees the total uMWP, including the Raw Water (Module 1), Environmental Impact Assessment (Module 2) components and Treated Water (Module 3) components.

PSC Meetings

Project Management Committees (PMCs)

The PMC of each module governs and drives each component of the project and reports directly to the PSC.

Public Meetings

Public meetings are part of Module 2 (Environmental Impact Assessment) and will provide a platform for informing and consulting with interested and affected parties regarding the project.